Comprehensive Network Services

With network engineering in our DNA, the Intelletrace team will audit your existing IT network, design and deploy a customized network, and manage your network from our network operations center so you can focus on managing your business.

IT Network Discovery, Design, Deployment

Network discovery
Network discovery is a complete audit of your existing network design and equipment. Through this network discovery, Intelletrace engineers create your system map—a 360° view of your hardware and software assets. This professional network documentation provides full visibility into your IT infrastructure. Your network discovery is the foundation for your IT policies and procedures, IT budget, and planning that aligns your network with business goals. We offer this service free of charge.

Network design
Once we’ve audited and mapped out your existing telecommunications and computing infrastructure, we may recommend a network redesign to bring your network up to speed—literally and figuratively. Or we will design your IT network from the ground up. This redesign may use your existing equipment if it meets your organization’s evolving needs, and we’ll incorporate next-generation hardware and software to improve network performance, security, and scalability.

Network installation and deployment
Intelletrace offers complete on-site network installation, from configuration through testing to ensure your IT assets are performing as expected. We work with top-tier IT and telecom partners and contractors across the country and around the globe, enabling Intelletrace to implement a full deployment anywhere in the world. And, in concert with our core values and customer-centric philosophy, we manage and supervise each network deployment as if it were our own.

Security Discovery & Consulting

Your network’s security is of paramount importance. Intelletrace helps protect your data and infrastructure in several ways.

We start with network security discovery—a full system mapping and evaluation of all hardware and software for areas of the potential risk of intrusion or data breaches. Once our engineers complete this security discovery, we will proactively install security patches to bring your network up to the highest level of cybersecurity.

We’ll create a cybersecurity plan for your organization, provide audits of your network’s security best practices, and recommend security remediation measures where needed.


Intelletrace is truly a one-stop shop for all your IT project management, network design, and professional IT service needs. As a full-service IT and telecom provider, Intelletrace is also your source for network hardware needs. We provide switches, routers, security cameras, wireless access points, SD-WAN appliances, and firewalls. Our hardware provisioning is part of our network design and deployment services.

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