Intelletrace transforms the way enterprises, multi-site companies, and businesses in growth mode handle their internet, data, and voice needs. Our managed connectivity solutions are designed to scale up easily, with superior reliability and security . . . backed by our high level of responsiveness and service through our 24/7/365 network operations center.

By outsourcing your connectivity needs to Intelletrace, you reap the operational and productivity benefits of managed connectivity: a simplified experience that keeps your team communicating, processing, and computing with excellent network uptime. With managed connectivity services from Intelletrace you:


Intelletrace provides a range of internet connectivity solutions built to scale up easily, meet the growing needs of today’s mobile workforce, and protect organizations’ data. We also simplify connectivity procurement, billing, and tech support for multi-site, enterprise, global corporations, and businesses that require the utmost network reliability and security. Our internet products are all backed by our expert network operations engineering team and superior customer service.

Private Line

Enjoy unmatched privacy and security on a diverse, redundant network that delivers your traffic across dedicated bandwidth, point to point. Your mission-critical applications and sensitive data are protected and immediately restored during an outage. A private line deployment enables your organization to connect far and wide with dedicated connectivity throughout North America and worldwide.

Dark Fiber

Stay ahead of changing bandwidth needs by investing in your own facilities-based fiber network, “lit” and available to you on demand. Dark fiber gives you one managed network with fiber’s high-capacity bandwidth and speed. It offers unlimited scalability and increased security and reliability, and reduces hardware expenses and staffing requirements. We can design, deploy, and maintain your network for simplified management and reduced costs.


Converge your voice, video, and data traffic to deliver ideal network traffic prioritization with MPLS. MPLS manages bandwidth based on your organization’s usage and needs. It is ideally suited for delivering cloud applications, accessing data centers, and connecting multiple remote offices to headquarters—across the country or around the world. We can augment your MPLS with SD-WAN to optimize your network’s flexibility.


Elevate your network traffic management with SD-WAN, the cost-effective, software-defined, cloud-based internet solution. You get enhanced performance-based, dynamic routing across multiple network links for optimal application delivery; ultimate agility based on your evolving business needs; and centralized management that incorporates user-defined application and routing policies. SD-WAN integrates with existing hardware and technologies seamlessly and its zero-touch provisioning simplifies deployment.

Direct Connect

Our direct connect solution connects your network directly to the premier cloud providers: Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Doing so reduces latency and external threats for enhanced security and reliability, with greater availability and network performance for mission-critical data and applications. Our direct connect service delivers cost savings to your organization with simplified billing to help you better manage your operating expenses.

Custom Wide Area Network Designs

In addition to SD-WAN, the Intelletrace team designs custom wide-area networks (WANs) with associated network maps. Our custom WAN designs deliver complete network diversity and redundancy, reduce latency, and relieve bandwidth constraints—so important when doing business over today’s crowded telecommunications pipelines. Our engineers can also design new fiber buildouts for high-capacity, high-speed computing.

Hosted Voice and SIP services

Our leading hosted voice/PBX and SIP services deliver end-to-end reliability of your voice, video, and other communications applications. Centralizing network traffic saves you money on voice and video services, with greater flexibility thanks to expansive calling features.

  • Connect your legacy TDM-enabled PBX system without upgrades, share enterprise-wide idle capacity to reduce over-subscription on site-specific trunks.
  • Efficient unified communications reduce dependence on end-of-life TDM services and simplifies operational complexity.
  • A fully purposed SIP platform provides a scalable solution to handle current and future traffic.
  • Hosted PBX and SIP services provide business continuity, disaster recovery, and mobility.

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