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A smooth-running IT environment requires highly-skilled staff and constant attention. For many, rapidly changing technology and business needs are simply too much to manage internally. If that sounds familiar, you need Intelletrace. Our team of experts serves as an extension of your IT department, providing fully-managed IT services that reduce overhead and improve efficiency. We are your single-source for enhancing your IT environment. Bring us your most complex challenges, and we will put together an action plan to help you succeed in today’s ever-changing technology environment.

Managed Services

Minimize the burden on your IT department and cut capital expenses. Regain control of your IT environment by leveraging Intelletrace’s expertise, guidance, and full-delivery of IT services.

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Security Auditing

Reduce your exposure to security risks with a full security assessment, adaptive security solutions, and security monitoring for equipment, software, and online systems.

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Monitoring Services

Proactively monitor potential issues across your IT environment with comprehensive managed monitoring services. PRTG monitors monitor every aspect of your IT infrastructure.

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Managed Services

  • Predictability, transparency, and control over costs, resulting in significant savings of strategic IT functions
  • Leverage Intelletrace for the deliverability of a broad range of IT services
  • Service levels tailored to your unique business needs
  • Application of best practices, governance principles, and industry tools and practices that improve service delivery, project delivery, and productivity
  • Access to professional resources and skills that add value and stability to operating environments
  • Access to a broad range of technology, industry, and domain expertise

Security Auditing

  • Understand your business needs for data and system security and identify potential risk points
  • Advise on legal requirements for protecting different types of data and maintaining compliance with international standards
  • Carry out a detailed examination of your network equipment and system access procedures including firewalls, IP tables, virus protection, and multi-tiered secure logins
  • Create an IT security risk assessment report and proposals to address any identified issues
  • Implement solutions on a risk-first basis – we are often able to provide rapid blanket improvements in network security whilst more complex issues are being fully specified and planned
  • Monitor security levels on an ongoing basis to reflect changes in technology, the business landscape, and your business needs

Monitoring Services

  • Network monitoring to ensure you and your clients are connected at all times
  • Device-specific IT monitoring, allowing precise control over performance levels for hardware and services
  • Server-level monitoring for major failures in online services you provide for your clients
  • Fine-tuned website and software application level monitoring to prevent performance and availability issues before they happen
  • Continuous data collection and analytics to facilitate managed growth and optimization of your IT systems

Your Network, Our Expertise

We’ll apply expertise and leading technologies to build and maintain the optimal performance of your systems, devices, traffic, and applications across your IT infrastructure. We deliver proactive, 24/7 monitoring so you’re always informed and taken care of. We also deliver onsite support should you need it, with remote hands and eyes to keep your IT engine running as it should.

Network Audit

We start with a network audit to establish your IT inventory, determine areas where a network refresh is needed, resolve issues, and build a full-proof compliance plan.

Network Design

We’ll build a network design that meets your current business and technical requirements and one that is optimized for availability, reliability, security, scalability, and performance.

Network Deployment

We’ll oversee every detail of your deployment and network installation, delivering complete logistical, technical, managerial support, on-site engineering support, and remote implementation.

Network Management

We’ll assure the reliability and stability of your network with proactive network monitoring and management – trust us to identify and resolve issues before they interrupt your business workflows.


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"When I go into large accounts I will work with Intelletrace engineers to help craft a solution for my customers. That's a pretty important partner to have."
- David Little, VP Sales & Co-Founder, Fortis Telecom
"I can always talk to somebody. The people that work at Intelletrace are extremely attentive. They understand my problems and can get answers quickly."
- Mark Freid, IT Administrator, Sysco Labs
"The service is always exceptional."
- Nathan Lighthouse, Senior Voice Engineer, O1 Communications
"I quickly got a good feeling about these guys. They do what they say they're going to do."
- David Little, VP Sales & Co-Founder, Fortis Telecom
"I would definitely recommend Intelletrace to any company that's setting up a new network or has to update their network."
- Mark Freid, IT Administrator, Sysco Labs
"We need a circuit... we contact Intelletrace."
- Nathan Lighthouse, Senior Voice Engineer, O1 Communications
"In a technology space where things can go wrong, they put my mind at ease."
- David Little, VP Sales & Co-Founder, Fortis Telecom
"They're extremely helpful, they're extremely knowledgeable... they've been a life-saver for our company."
- Mark Freid, IT Administrator, Sysco Labs
"It's nice to be able to call Intelletrace, open a ticket, then they take control and work with the carrier. We can focus on the issue at hand."