Managed and Monitoring Services

Intelletrace offers 24/7 managed IT services and monitoring services that deliver cost efficiency, reliability, and superior responsiveness. By working with us for your network's managed IT and monitoring, your team will have ready access to our professional resources, expertise, and broad technology experience.

Other benefits of our managed IT and monitoring services are that you'll minimize operational downtime and maximize your team's productivity. You'll also relieve the burden on your IT staff of troubleshooting and wasting time on hold with multiple vendors. Instead, they can allocate their time and energy to daily operational needs and high-level projects—and breathe a little easier knowing they have the full backing of our network engineers to hash out any issues.

We run our own network operations center, which manages and monitors our customers' telecom networks 24x7x365. The staff who provide these services has broad network experience, having worked at the enterprise and data center levels. Our support staff includes CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) and CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert) certified technicians.

Managed Services

Intelletrace's managed IT services enable you to plan for technology upgrades and new IT deployments with greater ease across your enterprise. That's because our flat monthly fee makes it easier for you to budget your IT expenditures with more predictability (and cost savings).

  • Get the service level tailored to your unique needs—for your routers, firewalls, switches, access points, and other networking devices.
  • You'll get an overview of your entire network setup. Our network diagrams clearly show all your hardware and connected devices.
  • Your organization will save time and money—no scrambling for an available IT technician or paying high hourly rates on demand when you partner with Intelletrace.
  • Managed services support requests are given the highest priority to deliver a quick solution.

Monitoring Services

Outsourcing your network management and monitoring to Intelletrace reduces your need for additional IT staff to maintain your infrastructure as your organization and network grow. You'll always have network experts on call, plus visibility into your network's performance via your customer dashboard. Intelletrace's proactive management and monitoring services include:

  • Cybersecurity auditing and controls to mitigate data loss and assess potential risks
  • Network outage alerts
  • Configuration, accounting, and nightly backups of all devices
  • NTP (network time protocol) server for reliable synchronization between systems
  • Secure system log collection and storage
  • Automated network mapping for rapid troubleshooting and faster time to resolve
  • Network configuration compliance checks
  • Annual network audits

FAQs About Intelletrace

1. Why should I use a third party to manage my network?

Your team handles multiple projects, needs days off, and loses hours of time trying to connect with the manufacturer's tech support for more difficult issues. We want your team to sleep at night and take a day off!

2. What value add does Intelletrace offer for circuits?

We will monitor your circuit with our 24/7 network operations center and when down, will immediately call your technical contact and simultaneously open a ticket with the underlying carrier and/or manufacturer. We have experience working with many carriers and manufacturers, and request updates on an hourly basis, which we in turn inform the customer.

3. Which networking technologies do your engineers have experience with?

Our engineers have experience dealing with a wide array of technologies which include but are not limited to: BGP and OSPF, EVPN VXLAN, MC-LAG, various flavors of STP, DHCP snooping, VRF, MPLS VRRP, LACP, IPSEC, and many more.

4. Do Intelletrace’s managed services include tracking and managing network device licenses?

Intelletrace manages and tracks all managed device licenses purchased through us. We will send you a notification at least 30 days prior to license expiration to set up a renewal. We also ensure that the network device license you purchase through Intelletrace fits your needs, as these change frequently.

5. What does monitoring my network device include?

Monitoring includes ping for up/down status, SNMP for throughput/CPU/memory and more, syslog informational logs, and NetFlow (for L3 devices). Customers may also log into the monitoring portal and view their network in a modern, easy-to-read interface.

6. How does Intelletrace deal with security vulnerabilities related to a managed device?

Intelletrace tracks CVEs (common vulnerabilities and exposures) from all networking vendors we use. When a high-severity vulnerability is issued, Intelletrace will send a security advisory to the customer and schedule a maintenance window to upgrade the affected devices’ firmware.

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