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    Our experts will help you develop a road map to digital transformation through our comprehensive suite of IT solutions, coupled with our industry expertise and impeccable customer service.

    Customer-centric approach

    We pride ourselves in serving as an extension of your IT team and providing solutions that benefit your long-term success.

    Extensive solution portfolio

    With more than 100 providers in our network, Intelletrace and our partners offer the cutting-edge technology your business deserves.


    Innovative IT solutions

    Our team of experts works earnestly to solve any IT challenges you may be experiencing, no matter how complex.

    Your future is waiting.

    Experience digital transformation the Intelletrace way.


    We bring innovation to your front door.

    The cloud has transformed how businesses communicate, collaborate, and integrate. With a myriad of options for network infrastructure, business communications, and mission-critical applications, finding the right mix of solutions to fit your unique business can be a struggle. We bring the innovative technologies that your business needs right to your front door.


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    "When I go into large accounts I will work with Intelletrace engineers to help craft a solution for my customers. That's a pretty important partner to have."
    - David Little, VP Sales & Co-Founder, Fortis Telecom
    "I can always talk to somebody. The people that work at Intelletrace are extremely attentive. They understand my problems and can get answers quickly."
    - Mark Freid, IT Administrator, Sysco Labs
    "The service is always exceptional."
    - Nathan Lighthouse, Senior Voice Engineer, O1 Communications
    "I quickly got a good feeling about these guys. They do what they say they're going to do."
    - David Little, VP Sales & Co-Founder, Fortis Telecom
    "I would definitely recommend Intelletrace to any company that's setting up a new network or has to update their network."
    - Mark Freid, IT Administrator, Sysco Labs
    "We need a circuit... we contact Intelletrace."
    - Nathan Lighthouse, Senior Voice Engineer, O1 Communications
    "In a technology space where things can go wrong, they put my mind at ease."
    - David Little, VP Sales & Co-Founder, Fortis Telecom
    "They're extremely helpful, they're extremely knowledgeable... they've been a life-saver for our company."
    - Mark Freid, IT Administrator, Sysco Labs
    "It's nice to be able to call Intelletrace, open a ticket, then they take control and work with the carrier. We can focus on the issue at hand."