Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Consider Managed Services

Posted by on January 13th, 2021 in Blog Posts, Managed Services

If you’re relying solely on your in-house IT team to maintain your network and IT infrastructure, 2021 may be the perfect time to shake things up. Why? Because 2020 showed us just how critical these systems are! Not only that, IT has evolved way beyond the break/fix model. The reality is, companies of all sizes and across all industries rely on their IT infrastructure to drive innovation in the business. Whether those IT resources help power a remote or hybrid workforce, or network monitoring services help them deliver secure and reliable digital experiences to their customers. Unless you’re a Google, Facebook, or Amazon, your internal IT resources probably are not equipped to keep up with the pace of all that’s needed. And, heck, even these big-time organizations leverage managed IT services because they know the outsourcing model is beneficial. That’s why the demand for managed services has grown exponentially in recent years – building from  $185.98 billion in 2019 to a projected $356.24 by 2025. Using this as-a-service model, organizations can focus on their core business, and the IT partner can keep systems and supporting IT infrastructure running smoothly. What are the most popular types of IT managed services?  

  • Cloud Storage 
  • Server maintenance
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Security and authentication
  • Network monitoring
  • System administration 
  • Infrastructure management

So, what should businesses look for from managed services in 2021? Let’s dive in.

  1. A reliable network operations center (NOC) – A NOC ensures that systems are protected, backed up, and any issues are resolved quickly. The right NOC specialists and network managed service will take the reins of your business network, ensuring all systems work as expected. They can provide network monitoring, maintaining, and repairing of all enterprise systems. They also have the expertise needed to identify current network issues, working with teams to respond to errors or hardware failures quickly. Not only that, a company can reduce the cost of hiring additional staff to grow and maintain its network, allowing existing staff to focus on higher-level matters.
  2. Access to IT specialists and best-of-breed technologies – Let’s face it. New technology is vital, but it also means new problems. And whether your systems are in the cloud or on-prem, you’ll need a significant number of IT personnel with specialized skill sets – from cybersecurity to network management – to support your business solutions. Not only do managed IT service models give you access to IT experts to remediate issues that arise, but they also give costumes access to the latest technology. By working with an MSP, businesses get access to business-grade technology and leverage new tools to increase their IT infrastructure’s reliability.
  3. Help with security – Cybersecurity experts predict that in 2021, a cyber-attack incident will occur every 11 seconds! Unfortunately, this rate is near twice the rate of attacks in 2019 (every 19 seconds). So businesses of all sizes need to take security practices seriously in the coming year. The right security partner can help companies take their security systems and process up-to-the next level. MSPs can also provide network security research and proactive security patching and secure remote support or endpoint support. An annual security audit and remediation plan can also keep clients from experiencing an expensive breach where customer information is compromised or where critical systems are down.

Invest in peace of mind 

We are all well-aware that COVID has completely upended just about every facet of life in 2020. Although even with all the changes, one thing remains the same – the need for a scalable, dependable, and robust IT infrastructure coupled with IT services is paramount. A managed services partner can bring these resources directly to you, so organizations don’t have to stress daily IT operations. By adopting managed services, companies can instead expect access to highly-skilled technical experts and 24/7/365 IT coverage – that way, your team can spend more of their time focusing on growing the business. Have questions about managed services? Call or email us. We’d love to help. 

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