SD-WAN use cases – Does SD-WAN make sense for your business?

Posted by on January 15th, 2020 in Blog Posts, Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN)

Today, having a resilient and efficient Wide Area Network (WAN) infrastructure is synonymous with being highly competitive and responsive to customer needs. Does that mean companies need to continue piling on MPLS circuits, adding complexity to branch networks, or making do with mediocre performance of cloud-based apps? Thanks to Software-Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN), the answer is ‘not anymore.’

The right SD-WAN solutions are changing the economics of corporate networks and delivering bandwidth reliability and performance while also consolidating branch infrastructures. SD-WAN technologies enable a virtual WAN architecture that allows enterprises to use a combination of transport services – MPLS, 4G LTE, and lower-cost broadband internet services – to securely connect users to applications. However, not all SD-WAN technologies are created equal. Oracle’s Talari SD-WAN appliances, for example, are one of the only solutions that provide failsafe SD-WAN. This differentiation is critical because it enables organizations to leverage high-bandwidth and inexpensive public internet connections when it makes sense, without sacrificing the high availability of MPLS-only WANs.

But how do you know if your business is ready for SD-WAN? And, how can it change your corporate network and business for the better? Let’s explore ideal use-cases for SD-WAN so you can make the right decision. 

Branch networks running cloud applications

Whatever industry you’re in, chances are you’re using several cloud-based applications daily. That might include everything from customer relationship management (CRM) and virtual desktop infrastructures (VDIs) to real-time applications such as Unified Communication (UC) platforms or Call Center-as-a-Service (CCaaS) technology. To get the most out of these applications, teams need reliable access and a high-level Quality of Experience (QoE). SD-WAN technologies extend the reach of the traditional WAN into the cloud with an encrypted infrastructure and the ability to dynamically monitor and select the right links based on the application and bandwidth across all paths and aggregated links. Centralized and virtualized control across the WAN guarantees that each application will work without interruption or compromised performance. 

Financial and legal services

For banks, credit unions, and those in professional and legal services, employees and customers depend on 100% reliability and zero disruptions to the applications they need most. Reliable connectivity is critical for powering team collaboration through VoIP phone calls, web and video conferencing, email, and document sharing. Customers also expect access to highly-interactive apps, customer service channels and access to ATMs at multiple branch locations. Reliable SD-WAN solutions are ideal because these technologies combine various connectivity options into a single pipe for greater control over cloud solutions for each branch location.

Emergency services

SD-WAN solutions are ideal for emergency vehicles and public safety vehicles because the appliances intelligently steer traffic based on the application and looking at factors like the IP addresses, a port number, QoS metrics, time of day, or other variables. Pairing the right SD-WAN solution with multiple 4G LTE connections provides adequate redundancy and connectivity back-up, so if and when one link is problematic, the solution routes communications to the other available WAN connections.

Construction and temporary or mobile operations

Those in engineering and construction industries often have distributed offices that require procuring multiple MPLS circuits along with primary and secondary connection types, such as T1 lines. site. These pop-up networks need to run business-critical apps like VoIP, design and project management tools, and ERP and desktop virtualization applications. SD-WAN solutions are ideal for these situations because conventional wired connections can often take weeks or months to set up. Instead, SD-WAN appliances combine multiple low-cost, high-bandwidth broadband links, often instantly deployable, to build a business-class network at each branch location or job site. 

Building a more responsive network

Today businesses are demanding more and more from their corporate networks thanks to an increasing number of branch offices, a higher number of distributed teams, and cloud computing. If you want help building for a more cost-effective and responsive corporate network with SD-WAN, talk to Intelletrace. We can help you deploy and run Oracle’s Talari SD-WAN appliance for a truly failsafe SD-WAN. Please email us to learn more!

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