Dark Fiber – An Underground Trend

Posted by on April 07th, 2021 in Blog Posts, Dark Fiber, Network Services

When you think of an underground world, it can be scary and intimidating to some. But when it comes to an underground world built of fiber optic cables ready to add additional data capacities and benefits, it doesn’t sound as scary, does it? As many companies originated, they believed that more was better. It was best to install more fiber optic cables than they needed so that as the business grew, they would not need to install anything additional and incur more costs. This led to networks never reaching their fullest potential, and dark fiber was born to take advantage of this unused capacity. While it is expensive and difficult for a company to lay underground fiber-optic networks, cable companies have laid this additional dark capacity for future use. Dark fiber can offer other enterprise benefits and give you the advantage of using one managed network for local and global needs. 

What’s so dark about it?

When data is being passed through underground cables, light travels with it. But when there are unlit optic fibers underground that aren’t currently being used, they remain dark. These unused cables are referred to as dark fiber because they are not now in use, and no data is being sent on the cable lines. Additional lines (or unused fiber optic cables) are often laid down to meet specific network capacity needs, which would help support the movement of data traffic when needed. These unused lines are then leased to individuals or companies in need of added capacity on significant fiber routes to alter the wavelength and speed to adapt to their needs. It allows for flexibility to control and expand the demand for their network connectivity. Leasing dark fiber ultimately puts the company in control of the cable itself and brings it to light again. 

Who uses dark fiber?

Enterprises are looking for someone else to do the digging. Instead of constructing a new connectivity network, your company can increase productivity by reducing hardware expenses and staffing requirements. Those who go the dark fiber route will ultimately see lower infrastructure costs and higher control. While dark fiber is a great fit for several other industries, it can help telecom carriers immensely by expanding service or even offering additional accessibility in specific areas by using the advantages of a dark fiber network to strengthen the telecom infrastructure.

How can you benefit from using dark fiber?

As a boost to your company and a new way to move data around, dark fiber allows you to control your network faster than ever. Looking at the amount of data you can move at top speed is a benefit from the start. For a company in need of higher bandwidth connectivity, you will see many additional benefits by taking advantage of a dark fiber lease. Dark fiber allows for high performance, easy scalability, and increased security.

As for high performance, it grants the opportunity to transmit multiple data signals at different wavelengths simultaneously. These cables are optimized for faster data transfers while also promoting a reliable network.

Also, dark fiber allows you to control your bandwidth to scale as your business needs change. It is often that companies find their growth rate to come faster than expected. This can cause problems with their bandwidth quickly rising to capacity. For easy scalability, it enhances easy customization for the current or future needs of your network. When your company requires more speed and bandwidth, you can manage your dark fiber cables and scale up as needed. You can build, deploy, and manage everything on your terms.

These networks are specifically designed for security. You will see an increase in security since the company leasing the dark fiber is the one privately managing the unlit fiber cable line. The customers are the only ones who have the visibility of the data traveling through that private network. 

Don’t be afraid of the dark.

If your company is growing and you’re looking to advance your network connection speed and scalability, there’s no reason to be afraid of bringing this underground trend to light. If you are the one that is ultimately in control, taking advantage of these benefits that dark fiber can bring to your enterprise can only offer you more opportunities to light up your success.

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