Effective security against malicious and inadvertent damage to your business IT systems should be built into your infrastructure from the ground up. Our IT security auditing specialists will conduct a thorough review of your equipment, software, online systems, procedures and policies to prepare a IT security risk assessment and work with you to find cost-efficient ways of protecting your business.

IT Security Auditing Stages

  • Understand your business needs for data and system security and identify potential risk points
  • Advise on legal requirements for protecting different types of data and maintaining compliance with international standards
  • Carry out a detailed examination of your network equipment and system access procedures including firewalls, IP tables, virus protection and multi-tiered secure logins
  • Create an IT security risk assessment report and proposals to address any identified issues
  • Implement solutions on a highest-risk-first basis – we are often able to provide rapid blanket improvements in network security whilst more complex issues are being fully specified and planned
  • Monitor security levels on an ongoing basis to reflect changes in technology, the business landscape and your business needs