Intelletrace helps simplify decisions about your IT needs by combining your voice, video and data traffic with the Intelletrace MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) service. A converged MPLS backbone gives you the ability to prioritize traffic so that critical applications such as voice and video are not compromised by other, less time-sensitive applications such as email and web browsing.

The MPLS service delivers a secure any-to-any VPN (Virtual Private Network) over a dedicated MPLS network. You can access this high-performance service over traditional TDM or Ethernet connections. Our MPLS service is the cost effective alternative to private lines for providing a high levels of privacy, security, reliability and performance.

Intelletrace MPLS

Intelletrace’s MPLS Service is ideal for Wide Area Networking allowing you to converge voice, video, and data onto one network with any-to-any connectivity.  MPLS is available Nationwide and to a growing number of International locations, with available speeds from T-1, NxT1, DS-3, FastE, and GigE.

What is MPLS?

MPLS provides a Network-based Virtual Private Network topology based on Multi-Protocol Label Switching. A MPLS Network is designed for customers that want to share information in a secure environment across a Private IP backbone. This service supports multiple customer applications with stringent performance parameters for Network Transit Delay, Packet Delivery Ratio, Jitter, and increased security that includes addressing and routing separation.

Service Benefits

  • Easily prioritize network traffic and manage bandwidth based on your company’s usage and needs.
  • Connect multiple locations with an any-to-any fully meshed technology.
  • Use existing hardware, applications and technologies. Integration is seamless and worry-free.
  • Ideally-suited for delivering cloud applications.
  • Customized management levels to meet your specific business requirements, including options for full management and customer premise equipment (CPE).
Service Details

  • True global reach.
  • Interfaces ranging from T-1 to Gigabit Ethernet (including MLPPP) the event of an outage.
  • Broad range of Ethernet options, with incremental bandwidth options from 3Mbps to 1 Gigabit.
  • Six classes of service (CoS) for optimal traffic prioritization.
  • Single flat rate for Class of Service, with no bandwidth or traffic mix restrictions.
  • Around-the-Clock “Customer First” Service.