When selecting SIP or Hosted PBX you should consider who can best support your requirements, maximize your existing IP investments and lower your total cost of ownership.

Intellevox – Intelletrace’s product name for intelligent voice services – provides SIP and Hosted PBX services worldwide.  We provide a wide variety of phones, local telephone numbers with local and long-distance calling plans, toll free, and simplified pricing options. Your company and the people you do business with expect crystal clear connections and uninterrupted service.  Intellevox assures this becomes a reality.

Businesses can combine their voice and data network onto a single IP platform.  Multi-location businesses will simplify their network.  With our advanced design, Intellevox can significantly lower your monthly costs, improve efficiency and security, while unifying your communications. We work to make migrating easy, with a seamless implementation and a design for uninterrupted service.

Intellevox Service Benefits

  • Cost efficiency: Lower voice costs by an average of 50 percent or more by centralizing traffic. Leverage built-in features rather than purchasing separately (911, BCDR). Connect legacy TDM-enabled PBXs without upgrades and share idle capacity across the enterprise to reduce over-subscription on site-specific trunks.
  • Growth through convergence: Combine data and voice onto one network to reduce dependence on end-of-life TDM services. Reduce operational complexity while you lay the foundation for more efficient unified communications tools.
  • Built-in enterprise-class BCDR: Access a business continuity plan with specialized features for disaster recovery and mobility.
  • Security: From the edge to the core, we work to protect your voice traffic at every point in the network.
  • Scale to support growth: Fully-purposed SIP platform provides solutions to meet your needs for current and future traffic.

Intellevox Service Details

  • Comprehensive suite of standard features, including local and long-distance calling, emergency 911 options, operator services, directory assistance, direct inward dialing (DID) numbers, caller ID and inherent BCDR. Enables dedicated toll free and contact center services.
  • Geographically independent telephone number feature allows customers to use any domestic U.S. number at any Voice Complete service address for inbound and outbound calling. It is also fully 911 compliant.
  • Native PRI handoff delivers a direct connection as DS1/3 PRI format to legacy TDM PBXs without the need for upgrades.
  • Feature packs with more calling features than PRI.
  • Superior network reliability and performance.
  • 24 x 7 network management and monitoring through our Network Operations Center
  • Intrastate, interstate and international calling and toll free anywhere in the world using a SIP service