Channel Partners

Channel Partners: Overview

The Channel Partner program is for an individual or company who would like to increase the breadth of their products and services—and create new revenue streams.

This program allows you to spend time managing and growing customer relationships rather than filling out complicated forms and tracking orders. Participation in this program requires no minimum monthly sales commitments. If you sell, you are compensated, no strings attached. If you want to increase your earning potential and be a single source for your customer, Intelletrace will make this happen for you.

Channel Partners: Benefits

As a Channel Partner, you gain instant access to a wide variety of telecommunication products and services, monthly recurring commissions through the life of the customer contract, and the peace of mind of knowing your customers’ expectations are being met with superlative support.

  • No monthly sales commitments (refreshing, we know!)
  • Dedicated channel resources
  • Global service
  • Superlative service-level guarantees
  • Highest commissions in the industry
  • 24×7 Technical support
  • Quick turnaround on pricing
  • Easy and flexible
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